Hello friends! If you are searching for Aptoide APK, then you have arrived at the correct place. In this blog, you will get the verified and trusted link for Aptoide app on your device. You will learn some of the most essential features of Aptoide app, along with its installation procedure and some of the hidden features in Aptoide. Follow the complete article to know all about Aptoide APK.


Aptoide app was launched for the Android platform as an alternative market for mobile applications. There is no centralized store for this application but the user has the power to create his or her own store. Aptoide app is available for smartphones, smart television as well as virtual reality games for kids.

This app is available in almost 40 languages that are mostly spoken all over the world. Since the launch of this application, it has been given so much publicity and downloads all over the world. Around 8 million people have already installed this application in their phones.

Features of Aptoide Apk:

There are essential features to explore in the Aptoide app. Since there are so many stores available for different purposes, it becomes easy for the client to search through the filtered data. When you download through Aptoide, you can actually use some of the more features of the app which by default are available through in-app purchases. Some of the apps that are paid on Google play store are free on Aptoide app.

Aptoide is an amazing app marketing platform with some of the amazing features as:

  • There is no need to have an email id or register the app to install games from this platform.

  • Some apps that are not available on Google Play Store are easily available on Aptoide.

  • Some of the essential features of games are already unlocked if you purchase from this platform.

  • Many paid apps are also free of cost on this platform. However, to buy apps without ads you have to pay a very small amount compared to the Google play store.

  • The updates for apps are instantly available and notified! Hence you can update as soon as the update is available.

  • The steps to install this app are very easy. And the best part is that this app is compatible with almost all the android versions.

  • You can also launch your developed apps on Aptoide. It is a big market and a highly secure platform.

  • It supports multiple languages.  Aptoide supports more than 17 languages.

  • Aptoide you will not get bothered witnessing irritating ads every time and again. It is entirely free of ads.

Requirements Needed For Aptoide Apk Install:

  • First of all, make sure you have enough space to install this application on your phone.
  • Minimum 100 MB is required for proper functioning of this app.
  • The second important thing is RAM: Minimum 2GB RAM is required for good functioning of this app. If your phone is slowing down your can clear the app data and cache from Setting->Applications->Aptoide->clear data.
  • It is compatible with all android versions launched after Kit Kat version.
  • This app can be easily installed on the emulator if you want to use apps on the PC or laptop.

How to Download Aptoide for Android?

Aptoide application is not available on the Google play store. It is similar to the Amazon app store which is also not available on the Google play store. Hence to install and download this app you have to use the link above.

  • Once your device is compatible with the list of features mentioned above, you can install Aptoide APK on your device.
  • Click on the download Aptoide APK option mentioned Below.

Download For Android

  • Once you have downloaded, you will get a message that this app cannot be installed.
  • The option is there because you are installing the application from a source that is not in the list of sources of your android software from where you can install apps.
  • Hence to bypass this, go to settings ->security -> allow the unknown sources option.
  • Now the app can be installed and it will take only a few steps for the complete installation of this application.

Once it is installed you can start browsing the different stores available. From here you can download the apk files of other apps too.

How to Download Aptoide for Windows?

To install this app on your PC simply download the Bluestacks emulator, download the Aptoide Apk from here, add the apk in the Bluestacks emulator and the installation process will start. Enjoy the app on your PC!

Download For Windows

How to Download Aptoide for iOS?

Aptoide App is also available for iOS(iPhone/iPad) Devices. Go to the aptoide official website and download it.

Aptoide For iOS

Aptoide Apk Specifications:

App nameAptoide Apk
Latest Version8.6.4.1
App size19.23 MB
User rating4.8 stars

How to Protect Yourself From Hackers:

APK files are often unsafe on the net. Hackers know that people search for apk files and hence they create apk files and hide Trojans and viruses in them. Once a user installs that file, the wrapped Trojan with the file starts executing. This can simply send your data from your device to the server of the hacker.

  1. To avoid this you should always review the site completely before downloading such files.
  2. The second only left option is to install a decent antivirus software that will not allow the installation of files that contain Trojans in them.
  3. Our site is known all over the world and the information of founders is public. Hence there is no risk from our side that may harm your device.

Final words

The concept used behind this app is taken from APT that can communicate with multiple servers at the same time. Whenever you want a package or file you ask the client and it searches all the sources to find where the file is stored. The communication between the client and server is done through XML protocol.

Aptoide is an amazing application and it offers much more features than Google play store or any other. Although this app was launched in 2009, it gained popularity in the recent 5 years! Some of its features are taken by other stores also. Aptoide inspires other application stores to bring essential features to make GUI simple. Aptoide does not only provide gaming and other apps but you can also watch television, as well as virtual reality animations, which make this app worth downloading. Thank you for reading. If you like the blog, share it among your friends and family members. Any queries will be answered quickly in the comment box.